Daily chocolate intake linked to lower risk of diabetes, heart disease

Could a doctor's visit one day result in a prescription for chocolate? According to a new study, it is possible ...
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Close-up of hand holding a stopwatch

Five 60-second diabetes tricks (that you can do right now)

Diabetes can easily feel like it is taking over your life. If you aren’t already concerned about locating healthy foods, ...
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14 Biggest Myths About Type 2 Diabetes

The truth about type 2 First, a primer on what type 2 diabetes is: blood glucose governs your body's energy, and ...
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10 Diet and Exercise Tricks to Control Diabetes

If you have type 2 diabetes, here are easy tips and tricks to help get blood sugar under control. Small goals ...
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13 Diabetes Tips to Improve Blood Sugar Control

Good blood sugar control is different for every person, but there are some common tips to follow that can help ...
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Medical Herbs

9 Herbal Remedies That Can Help

Diabetes is a health condition which must be taken seriously. While it is useful for diabetics to be under the ...
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Kitchen Tips for Diabetes-Friendly Recipes

A diabetes-friendly diet includes plenty of fiber-packed veggies. A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t have to trigger an overhaul of your kitchen — ...
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Food Cravings

Brian Wansink, PhD, knows that food fools most of the people, most of the time. Take a study he conducted ...
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What causes Type 2 Diabetes?

Eating too much and exercising too little can increase your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Insulin is a hormone made ...
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9 Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Keeping your diabetes under control will help you prevent heart, nerve, and foot problems. Here's what you can do right ...
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The Health Benefits of Eating Nuts Includes Living Longer

Eating a handful of nuts every day could add years to your life, according to a large, well-done study. Find ...
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Save Your Vision

People with diabetes are at risk for vision loss. But with these 11 eye-protecting tips, you may save your vision ...
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Diabetes prevention: 5 tips for taking control

Changing your lifestyle could be a big step toward diabetes prevention — and it's never too late to start. Consider ...
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