How to Add Muscle and Healthy Weight

Consuming quality calories and nutrient dense foods is what you need to put into your body if you’re trying to ...
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5 Tips for Working Out at Any Age

Let’s be honest. If you used to run three-hour marathons and you’re 65 today, you’re probably not running three-hour marathons ...
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How to Use a Staircase to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Stairs are tough. Simply walking up them can make even the fittest person huff and puff. But we also know ...
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Exercising With Physical Limitations

Don’t let physical limitations get in the way of cardio fitness.   As Dom Lassonde felt the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis creep into ...
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6 Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

Seeking relief from back pain? If you suffer from back pain you know that even the tiniest movement can hurt a ...
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These Workouts Will Challenge Your Body and Your Mind

They push you both physically and mentally, so you get even more mileage from your sweat sesh. You know how important it ...
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Tighten Your Core in 21 Days With This Plank Challenge

Take the classic strength move from short and static to minutes-long and dynamic with this three-week plan.   The plank is the ...
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5 Signs Your Workout Is Too Easy for You

Breezing through your routine without breaking a sweat? It may be time to take it up a notch. You've been a ...
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Best heart rate monitors and HRM watches

Want to get fit, fast and strong? Just listen to your heart Strapping on a good heart rate monitor is an ...
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4 Reasons to Try Underwater Spinning

If you thought spinning was trendy, get ready for the next big thing: underwater spinning. It’s just what it sounds ...
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