Your 6-Step Psoriasis Spring Survival Guide

Spring is a welcome change for people with psoriasis, but a new set of concerns come along with the season ...
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What does vitamin C actually do?

How one genius spread a massive myth that's persisted for decades Linus Pauling won two Nobel Prizes, helped uncover the nature ...
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4 Steps To Getting Rid Of Seasonal Allergies

“Dr. Hyman, I’ve been suffering from seasonal allergies for years,” writes this week’s house call. “Is there anything that I ...
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Tired All the Time? Try These 8 Natural Energy Boosters

You don’t have to feel drained on a daily basis. Here’s how to keep your energy tank full. If you’re ...
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Sleep Problems Tied to Diabetes in Men

Men who do not get enough sleep — or get too much — may have an increased risk for Type ...
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Here’s When Eating Bacteria Can Be Good for You

We’ve been taught to avoid germs and bacteria since we were kids. Whether it’s sudsing up our hands or deep ...
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The Surprising Health Benefits of Copper

More than just for pipes and pots, it turns out copper has surprising health benefits as well. Here’s why you ...
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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Germs

What you don’t know about germs could be making you sick. Brush up on your personal hygiene, housekeeping strategies and ...
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6 Shocking Mistakes Your Doctor May Be Making

Are your doctors basing your care on the strongest scientific research? We asked medical experts to point out some of ...
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Stop suffering from chronic pain and scars without taking oral medications

You can now get quick, targeted relief for your chronic pain and scars without having the dangerous side effects that ...
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